In the 1960s and 70s Carlo Garn was a well-reputed name in Danish furniture design. Garn was born in 1911 and after leaving school, he became an apprentice carpenter in the furniture store of Adam Dam in Amalie Gade, Copenhagen. He excelled in this apprenticeship and went on to hold the position of head of upholstery at Vanførerhjemmet in Toldbodgade, Copenhagen.
In 1946 Garn started his own small furniture business. After a few years the premises became too
cramped, so he moved to a larger building in Bredgade 36, where it was possible to employ journeymen and apprentices. He worked closely with highly acclaimed furniture factories at the time. Garn had exhibitions at “The Permanent” and “Illums Bolighus” – two highly esteemed places for displaying design in Denmark.
 At the turn of the 1960s he opened a furniture store in Borgergade, where he also set up his workshop. He worked there until his death in 1970 and now the company lives on in the third generation. In 2012 Carlo Garn was bought by a British wine cellar manufacturing company and continues to be highly regarded for craftsmanship and quality. Today the brand is renowned for designing and manufacturing premium wine cellars and wine storage across Europe.


Tim Lewis

Managing Director

Ben Austin

Sales Director

Leanne Lewis

Office Manager

Lisa Christoforou

Accounts Manager

Anthony Lewis

Head of Design

Rosie Frost

Marketing Manager


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