Galvin restaurants

Being involved previously with other Galvin restaurants, we were asked to look at the proposed site of La Chapelle, and develop wine storing facilities especially for their fine wine collection.

Features: Three arched cabinets were installed inside the wall with a tailored temperature control system and the condensing units installed 45m away on the roof. Bespoke sealed doors were made from solid European oak and wine racking in white American Oak with acrylic displays. To best use the restricted depth of 220mm we installed large doors with scallop racking set forward to allow airflow whilst maintaining a stunning feature as clients enter the restaurant. The air split units were installed in the ceiling alcove. Under the stairs we installed a double depth racking system and fitted a specialist tin conditioning unit to maintain the temperature at 16-18 degrees. The doors and framework were made from European oak and finished in their specialist colour. We also constructed a movable display cabinet in oak and acrylic.

Location: Spitalfields, London